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Disney Tangled Wii Game

If you have seen Tangled the movie, you have to get Tangled the wii game. This game allows you to journey through this storybook adventure and visit places like the Forest, Village, Snuggly Duckling, and the Tower. The basic premises of the game is to get Rapunzel back to the Castle. This game is right up Madison's alley — part of the game is searching the game for things like coins and sundrops (depending on which character you are determines what you are picking which is great when you are playing a 2 players or more). The characters also have different skills and you often need both characters skill to get through levels. I love that if you get ahead of your partner, you don't die. The screen actually splits until you catch up. With little kids, I can't tell you how much I love this (less tears!).

This game is truly a family friendly game. It has a great tie in with the Disney movie, but you can definitely play Tangled without having seen it. The game has the main game and mini games. My 6 year old loves it, so I highly recommend it!

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