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Does Your Homeowners Insurance Measure Up?

This topic is a big one in my house right now. This affect all homeowners whether they own Corpus Christi real estate, a cottage on a lake, or just a house they live in here in Chicago.  Having worked for an insurance adjusters office, I understand the need and the importance of insurance.  I am always worried if we have enough coverage.

Over time, your homeowners insurance may start falling short of your needs.  Most experts in the agency suggest that you review your policy every 2 (aff) years to make sure you have the right protection.  Some things to consider are:

  • Did you complete a remodeling or renovation project?
  • Have you purchased a collectible or any antique furniture, artwork, or jewelry?
  • Is there any other effect on the value and replacement costs of your property?

If you have any of these changes, it is important to make sure you contact your insurance company and up your insurance coverage.

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