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DogPedic Sleep System

Who wouldn't want their dog just as comfortable as they are? If you are a dog owner who wants to make their dog's bed more comfortable, you have to check out DogPedic.  Their orthopedic pet bed features a removable wash and dry cover.  I personally have washed mine several times in the wash and dried in the dryer (on the gentle cycle), and it looks just as good as new.  The bed conforms to your dog's body.  If you have an older dog, this will ease discomfort from joint and muscle pain.  We've been using this since we got Daisy.  I can honestly say that everybody sleeps in my house better when this is in her bed.  The best part is that this comes in three sizes — small, medium, and large.  No matter what size your dog is, there is a DogPedic sleep system that will work for them.  The mattress is covered with a waterproof liner which keeps it free from stains and odors.  It stops an fluids from entering the memory foam too.  It also prevents the growth of allergens (which is good for people like me who are allergic to everything!).   The suede cover is what is washable.  It protects the memory foam from wear and tear.  It also has a long zipper which makes it easy to remove.  The non-slip grip bottom makes it safe to use on all floors and inside crates.

I can only recommend this.  We love ours and as Daisy grows, we will be purchasing a larger DogPedic Sleep System!

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