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Draw Plus Math

Do your kids like math and art? If so, Draw Plus Math is a book you need in your house!  Draw Plus Math has step by step drawing lessons in it.  However, each lesson also includes some math concepts.  They are seamlessly worked in, so that your kids don't even realize they are learning math.  With this book, they will learn numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, relative amounts, set and groups, shapes, patterns, symmetry, sorting, relative position, sequence (aff), fractions, graphs, and data analysis.  The lessons are based on learning goals outlined by the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.  The best part — your kids will enjoy doing the activities in this book.  I know mine did!

My six year old could do the math for the majority of the book.  I had to help with some of the concepts.  However, she was able to do the drawing and was pretty proud of herself.  This is just such a great combination of skills to be learning together.  I'd recommend this book!

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