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Early Intervention . . .Here we come

I spent yesterday morning with a shy crabby kid and three therapists in my living room.  It was a tad nerve wracking on my part, since at first, all Will would do was throw their toys back at them.  It took about twenty minutes and at least he started to do what they wanted.  We got good and bad news.

Now, to qualify for Early Intervention, Will had to be 30% behind.  On both occupational and development skills I think he scored out at 21 months (he's 25 months).  That isn't enough to qualify for services.  However, like we all thought, he scored at 17 months for his speech which means he's 32% behind.  He qualified!

Now, we have the fun part.  Since early intervention is a state funded service, I had to literally sign my life away.  Okay, maybe not my whole life but damn it was a lot of papers.  First, they have to send something to my health insurance which they will most likely deny.  This will take 2 weeks.  Then they have to verify Bill's income to come up with what we will owe monthly (yeah, I wish it was free but it's not).  Then they can finally set up a therapist.  I am thinking Madison might be in school before this all gets set up.  We'll have to see.

Needless to say, I am happy.  I am hoping this will help him talk better and more and end a lot of the frustration in our house.

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3 thoughts on “Early Intervention . . .Here we come

  1. It's a very difficult process to go though, my mom is a head start teacher and she has a few families that have gone though a similar program.

    As long as it helps its worth the cost right. 😀

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