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Smooshies image 6I've said it time and time again; I love toys that require my kids to use their imagination. I think a lot of the toys nowadays don't, and I love when I find ones that do.  A great new toy that fits that bill is Smooshies.  First, they just have a cool name.  My kids just like to say the name more than anything.  LOL.  The Smooshies are very smooshie too, so it is definitely an appropriate name for them.  The best part of Smooshies though is all the creative things that the kids can create.  You are given the body and body parts separately, and you use your imagination to put it together.  You can create whatever you want be it a monster, a dog, or even an alien.  This is so easy to do  my 2 (aff) year old can do it (you attach the body parts with Velcro).  The only bad thing is that we have only one , and the kids fight over  it!  Smooshies are being sold exclusively at Joann.com if you want to get one of your own!

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