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Epson/Sparkplugging Event

I am sooo far behind, but I went to this awesome event last Thursday.  Wendy Piersall was so kind to invite me, and I met so many awesome Chicago women.  It was a great girls night out.  The drinks and food were awesome (note to self:  don't drink the drink above and expect to go to bed.  It was 2 (aff) am before I remembered that that drink had Red Bull in it).  I'd like to give a shout out to all the wonderful women I met (now, if I don't mention you and you were there, I didn't get your card!  Just let me know, so I can add you to this list):  Barbara, Beth, Kim, Kim, Karen, Arianne, Jessica, Amber, Jayne, and Sima.  It is nice to exchange ideas with fellow women who understand social media and the uses of Twitter.  I hope to meet these incredible women again.

6 thoughts on “Epson/Sparkplugging Event

  1. 😯 Oh Honey–i created that damn drink and i was cursing myself as I was grinding my jaw at 3 am…boy they looked pretty but note to self: never again! It was so nice meeting you! I hope to get to know you even better in the future. Thanks for coming to the party!

  2. Thanks again! It was awesome. It was literally 2 am and I was still wired. Then I remembered what was in that drink. I had a blast, and I hope we are able to do something like that again.

  3. I saw all those pretty drinks going around but I had already picked up wine so I stuck with that. Looks like that was a good thing! Great meeting you!

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