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First Day Of School

Today is Madison's first day of preschool. We go at 1:00 pm. I will make sure that a post some pictures (its only 8 am, so we aren't dressed yet). I have to still put her name on her backpack (everything she brings there has to have her name on it) and find her tennis shoes. According to the rules, they aren't allowed to wear sandals, so a shoe hunting I will go. They have to be here somewhere; she just hasn't worn them all summer.

I think I am more excited than she is. Hopefully, I can get Will to nap while she's gone, and I can get a quick catnap in also.

One thought on “First Day Of School

  1. Supposed preschool are not allowed to wear any sandals or slippers. they need to wear a proper uniform right?

    The one you had mention – Will is the baby boy right? He is very cute!

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