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Furniture Tip Over Safety

Safe Kids USA shares tips to prevent furniture tip-overs in this video. Regardless of your child's abilities and limitations, top-heavy furniture, TVs and appliances can tip over and seriously injure young children. There are many easy-to-install devices that anchor furniture to the wall, making furniture more stable and tip-over resistant. These devices are designed for dressers, wall units and anything your little explorer might try to climb.

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7 thoughts on “Furniture Tip Over Safety

  1. I would hate for a piece of furniture to ruin my child's life. I could never forgive myself for allowing something as simple as anchoring my furniture to the wall to get in the way of my child's future.

    1. Wow. As a parent, that deeply concerns me. I own a fish tank and they are super heavy. That falls, it could seriously injure a child.

  2. There are some good tips in that video. When I was a kid, I tipped over a bookshelf and it hit my leg. I had to go to the hospital. Turns out I had broken a bone. It wasn't a fun experience.

  3. when i was little i climbed on a bookshelf, it fell over with my brother underneath – my parents secured everything after that!

    (oh brother was fine!)

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