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Green, Green Grass

Up until recently, we lived next door to an abandoned house.  The prior owners didn't abandon it.  Actually, it was the builder and the bank.  It was terrible.  In the summer, the grass was taller than I am (now granted, I am short — but still, taller than me).  When we would take the kids for a walk around the block, we would actually have to carry them through  the jungle that was taking over the sidewalk in front of their house.  It was obvious that a landscaping company had not been called to take care of the mess.  How did that effect our lawn care?  Well, we ended up with a ton of weeds in our yard, since nobody took care of theirs.  Being next door, the seeds just worked their way over.  At times, it seemed like we had more dandelions than we had grass.  All I can say is thank goodness for company like TruGreen.  They step in and take care of problem like we had.  My neighbor across the street uses them and only has good things to say!  Nothing is worse than when you take care of your lawn, and you start have problems because of your crappy neighbors.  (That being said, we actually have a new neighbor now, and they are really nice.  They also take care of the grass).

How do you keep your grass nice?  Do you use a service or do you take care of it yourself?

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10 thoughts on “Green, Green Grass

    1. So does mine. The city didn't want to pay to have it removed either which is why it got as bad as it did. The owners left the country and basically nobody owned it for over a year. It was a really bad situation overall.

  1. We have yucky grass but we keep it mowed. We have mostly weeds as we live on top of a gravel pit. Our neighborhood although nice doesn't have manicured lawns, plus we have wooded areas.

  2. We hired a "lawn boy" (he is 16) last year and the grass is in great shape. It is green and lush in the summer. I guess just from cutting because we do nothing else to it.

  3. we would prefer to the lawn on our own, its fun doing that actually..

    glad that you finally have new neighbors, and hope that one stays for good huh?! 😀

  4. You must hop over to my blog and see a similar post I did with pictures of said dandelions. I got some nasty comments back, people seem to think I was being too critical of my bad neighbor; so I sooooooooo relate to your plight. People's actions do affect their neighbors and so these types of things are your business, your concern, and they are most irritating. We do our own lawn, we weed, we mow, we trim etc.


    The blog is my persona blog, Sandy's Space, and the post is titled, Chemcials needed, lots of them.

    Will try to post link here; but I find based on some blog settings it often doesn't work.



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