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Helping Out and Updating

We had an awesome weekend this weekend.  My sister and I promised my mom about 2 (aff) years ago that we would paint her living room and hallway.  This had not been done in about 30 years, so it was well overdue.  We finally had a free weekend, so off to Green Bay we went.

My sister had taped everything, so we could start first thing Saturday morning.  The weather held out for us (it was suppose to rain), so the kids could play outside.  My mom also wanted ceiling fans put into the bedrooms, so Bill took care of that.  He also replaced their outside light.  Needless to say, it was a pretty busy Saturday!  The paint color my mom chose looked brown on the paint chip, it even looked tan in the paint can.  However, once we got it on the wall, it ended up looking like the color she already had (just fresher and newer now!).  That was a tad bit disappointing.  After we were done painting (and letting it dry), Bill realized how old their outlets look.  We ran to Menards real quick and got new outlets and trim plates.  Bill hooked those up for them too!  To finish off their new living room, Kari (my sister) and I bought new curtains and a new curtain rod too.  We also rearranged their living room sofa sets. Now, they don't have contemporary sectionals or even a sleeper sofas. Instead, they have just a plain couch, 3 (aff) chairs, and 2 (aff) endtables.  All in all, I think we were able to freshen up the room and bring it into the 21st century!

I also fixed up their flower garden.  This was a project I started last summer and half of what we planted didn't come back this year.  I again went to Menards with my mom and we picked up some new plants.  With some help from my dad (he dug the holes), I planted to the new plants and am crossing my fingers they take this year.  It has rained since we left, so that can only help them!

That, in a nutshell, is how we spent our weekend.  How did you spend yours?

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  1. You were a busy lady. I spent my weekend just hanging out with my guys. This weekend my boys are gone camping for a week so hubby and I are taking the Harley out 😀

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