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Can I Have Some Galena With My Wine? Part 3

This is my final installment of my Galena trip.  Here are parts 1 and 2 to check out if you haven't read them yet!

Day 2 started super early. As in, before the sun even got up (as you can see from the photo).  We were all dragging some major butt, but we were not turning down this awesome opportunity — a hot air balloon ride.  Now, I'm afraid of heights, and I did this! Galena On The Fly is a must do thing if you are in Galena.  They do hot air balloon flight both at sunrise and sunset.  The views you see are magnificent.    It was like being on an airplane except without the security line!  I found my ears popping quite often, and I was so glad I decided to chew gum.  While up on the balloon, we were able to see Illinois, Iowa, and even Wisconsin!  This is definitely something that needs to go on your bucket list if you've never done it.

One of the ladies didn't go on the ride, but took this awesome video of us taking off:

Doesn't that look like fun?  After we got our feet back on the ground, we headed over to the Galena Log Cabin Getaway & Adventure Creek Alpaca Farms.  I'll be honest — I've never seen an alpaca up to this point.  Needless to say, I never thought I'd be able to walk one either.  This was definitely very cool and something I know my kids will love!  I couldn't believe how soft their fur (not sure what to call it) was, and I can understand why people make scarves, hats, sweaters, etc from it!

From here we went to the Chestnut Mountain Resort (aff).  We got to tour the facilities, see the ski hills (I've never been skiing in my life so I can't comment on them), and see the alpine slide.  We also ate lunch here and had one of the best view ever.

After we had our sad goodbyes, a bunch of us headed back into Galena and went shopping!  OMG.  They had everything you could ever want.  Chocolate, T-shirts, toys, windchimes — I mean anything you could want they had.  This sign on the right was in one of the shops we went in.  I found it funny too.  🙂

That was my trip to Galena in a nutshell.  I know it's a lot to take in — trust me, I lived it!  I think I'm actually going to do one last past with my thank yous and I'm hoping to include all of my reviews from Lisa Travels.  That post may take a little bit, so please be patient!  🙂

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