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Can I Have Some Galena With My Wine? Part 2

I swear I meant to continue this story last week, but I got busy. So here's part two of my Galena series (Here's part one if you missed it)!

After we ate a wonderful lunch at Cannovas,  we got to go and check out the Galena History Museum.  This is one of those places I knew my husband would love.  One of the most interesting parts of this museum was that there was an actual mine shaft that you can look down into!  There was just so much really cool things to look at!  They did lead mining in Galena many years ago, and we all got to lift a lead filled rock.  Holy cow!  It was heavy.  Seriously, more than both my kids together and it wasn't that big of a rock!  We also got to have a conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Grant.  It was pretty cool.

As part of our tour, we were invited to visit The Galena Museum's archives. This isn't something just anyone gets to do, so I'm so glad we got invited. Museum's can only display so many items, and the rest goes into their archives.  This was called the “white glove” tour.  We were able to see soooo many cool things.  The picture to the right is me holding a musket!  Let me tell you, that is super heavy!  I don't know how people hunted or even went to war with these guns!  They had swords, guns, pictures, clothes, etc. up there.  I hope one day they can get into a bigger building, so they can put more of this cool stuff on display!  They are fundraising right now, so they'll happily take your donation if you are looking for a great cause!

From The Galena Museum, we went over to the Seal House.  Built in 1871 by Judge Richard Seal, the home was constructed in just 6 weeks for $4,000!  Only five families have lived in and loved this home.  The home definitely has retained its original charm and character.  The current owners are Roth Weaver and Brad Davis, and they are some of the nicest people I know!  Seriously.  Who else would allow 8 ladies to come through their home on a Saturday afternoon with little to no notice?  Their decorating sense was awesome, and you can tell they are super proud of their home.  Recent projects they have done are installation of interior plantation shutters, replacement of the roof, putting in new sidewalks and front steps, restoration of the porch (which we took this picture on.  It was gorgeous.), and redesigning the front porch.  Their love of Galena, its history, and their house definitely showed through.

From The Seal House, we went to Galena Cellars.  I'm not personally a huge fan of wine.  That being said — I went home with 2 bottles I liked!  That's saying how good and awesome their wine was.  Plus, this was my second wine tasting ever (my first was when I was pregnant with Madison so needless to say, I didn't try much).  I felt really comfortable and got even more comfortable the more wine we had.  LOL  That being said, they picked a great selection of wines and I think everybody found something they liked!

From Galena Cellars, we went to our rooms to freshen up (for about 10 minutes).  I'm trying to locate who has a picture of where we stayed at Eagle Ridge.  Our rooms were awesome!  They each had their own bathroom and I wished we got to spend more time here.  I loved when my accommodations are nicer than my house! 🙂  I got the master suite and had a hot tub in my bathroom.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any time to use it.  (thanks for your pic Kris!)

After our short break, we went to Fried Green Tomatoes.  Yes, that picture is what fried green tomatoes look like!  This place had awesome food!  I was stuffed beyond belief when we left here!  Their prices were very good, the servings were huge, and I recommend the tiramusi.

This is the end of what we did on our first day!  I'll continue with a part three so you can see what we did on Sunday!  It was super exciting!

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