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Kung Fu Magoo

If you want to listen to your kids and your husband giggle uncontrollably, then Kung Fu Magoo is for you.  This movie is being releases on May 11th and an all star voice cast — Dylan Sprouse, Cole Sprouse, Alyson Stoner, Kenny Mayne, and Chris Parnell.  This is the first new animated Mr. Magoo production in over 30 years!

Mr. Magoo has been around since 1949.  He has starred in Academy Award winning short, three hit television series, and the first ever animated holiday special and a live action movie.

This adventure takes him and his nephew Justin to the “Evil-lympics” tournament.  Here they dodge and fight giant robotic spiders and jet ski ninjas in a kung fu style competition.  The fate of the world is in their hands!

My kids liked this movie.  Madison loves a lot of the older cartoons, and this definitely was on her like list.  She's also in karate, so we talked about how that's different from kung fu.  Mostly though, we had lots of laughs in our house.  Here's the movie trailer:

Happy viewing!

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