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Hot Wheels Ballistiks Super 6 Shooter

Hot Wheels challenges boys’ hand-eye coordination with the Ballistiks Stunt Sets, where aim becomes imperative for a successful stunt. The Super 6-Shooter stores up to 6 Ballistiks vehicles ready to shoot and thrill! When ready to launch, rotate the case until the desired vehicle to set airborne is at the top. Push the release mechanism and see the fast and fun transformation! The Ballistiks vehicle is projected out in ball form then morphs into car mode ready to roll.

Seriously, what boy wants to decide between a ball and a car?  Why not have both?  Will absolutely loved this!  There was a lot of hooting and hollering for this review.  I personally loved that there are no batteries required.  However, note that this one comes with one car, so you may want to pick up a few more for extra fun!  This is for 5+ which I have to admit is perfect.  Will is the perfect age for this toy.

If you have a Hot Wheels fan in your home, Hot Wheels Ballistiks Super 6 Shooter is a must get toy!

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