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Hot Wheels Track Attack

If you ever had Hot Wheels (aff) as a kid (I know I'm dating myself here), you will love Hot Wheels (aff) Track Attack and so will your kids! You start with one car and by playing the game, you can win upgrades and avoid bad guys to smoke the competition! My favorite part of the game has to be the fact that you can build your own track using Hot Wheels pieces (okay, seriously, how cool is that?). There are 36 vehicles in total you can choose from (and customize) and 4 environments to play in. You can play both with the remote and the Wii wheel too. Also, you can play Hot Wheels Track Attack in both single player mode or up to 4 players. It is definitely an arcade style game and is super fun to play.  Very addictive too!

Is it bad that I like this game as much as my kids?

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