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How Its Made

How Its Made is a show on the Discovery Channel and The Science Channel. It is show that all ages can watch and they show you how things are made. You can see everything from cheap glasses to candy canes. I have to admit that the candy cane show was one of the coolest. They didn't make it they way I though they would. It starts off as huge chunks (like 100 lb. chunks of candy). I find it interesting to learn how everyday items (and some not so everyday items) are made. Madison even enjoys this show!

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8 thoughts on “How Its Made

  1. Will you please drop the background musical nonsense, I find it very distracting when trying to listen to the
    narrative, it adds nothing to the quality of your work. Thanks, Gary Henkle

  2. I just love your program it is one of the best shows on tv once you start watching you just can’t stop watching and the narrators are great thanks

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