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Hysterectomy Here I Come

Fun Medical MGD©I was hoping to never ever do another post like this. For those who haven't been following for years and years LOL, let's get you up to speed:

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To sum up 5 years of medical history, my kids wrecked my hormones. I have a baby, I have uncontrolled bleeding for months. After Madison, we did birth control and problem solved. Then I had Will. After that, 9 month long period. We tried 10 birth controls that did not stop it and sometimes made things even worse and I ended up with an ablation. It's been 4 years.

Let's go to June of this year. As you all now, I had a crazy month of press trips. You all may remember that I walked the red carpet for BFG (aff). Well, what nobody knew at that time was that I woke up covered in blood that morning. I got my period. In LA. When it was like 120 degrees. With no supplies. I panicked. I called the OBGYN. I went to the gift shop and bought pads. And I acted like nothing was going wrong because hey, I'm walking the red carpet.

I came home (aff) and had an ultrasound. They found a small fibroid and cyst.

Then the horrid horrid pain started. I ended up having to get Norco to function. (Thank god it went away after a couple of days on Norco.)

Then a second ultrasound. Good news, the cyst went away. However, I still have cramping for no reason a lot. Super bad after the ultrasound but went away.

Then a weekend of spotting.

I followed up with the OBGYN on this last Monday. I'm going to full out honest — I've been crying since before the appointment and I don't know why. I don't cry so that's throwing me but I'm hormonal. I can even tell that, and Bill would love to tell you how I am flying off the handle at everything.

So here's where we are at — basically what I was told 4 years ago. There isn't a concrete reason why this is happening. I can take Norco for the rest of my life every time it gets bad and I'll still have spotting and bleeding and such and they can just randomly happen. My last resort is the one I am taking, it's the one I asked for 4 years ago – a hysterectomy.

I'm 39. I'm done having kids. And I'm done with my body failing me. I'm currently waiting for the surgical nurse to call back with a date. I will be having a Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy. There is a small little issue with having a hernia repair in the same exact spot they need to stick the camera in for this one.

So that's my life. If I seem a little standoffish in real life, this is what is going on. I'm a pretty open book and I am writing this to hopefully help somebody else. I still get feedback on my Novasure post this many years later, so I hope I can help somebody else down the line.

I'd love to hear from you all as I'm trying to figure out how I feel about all this. I know I am making the right decision for me. However, my hormones have not yet seemed to catch up with my brain.

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