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I need to vent

There may be some swearing, so you have been warned.

I just got a bill from a collection agency. Yes, a collection agency. Why am I so pissed? Because this is from my miscarriage last July. I have been fighting this bill since then. My insurance company was suppose to be picking up the bill since it was through the emergency room, so I only should have had a $50 copay. I thought this was taken care off. I have been going back and forth between Blue Cross and the hospital for months. I was told NOT to pay anything until the insurance paid their portion. The insurance paid, and I have been expecting a bill, so I could pay my $50 copay. Hence, the collection letter tonight. Trust me, I was pissed. We don't need this crap. I can't deal with this shit anymore. Every time I have to deal with this, it brings all the emotions that come with having a miscarriage back. I called my dad, and he said just to pay it ASAP and it won't show up on our credit report. This is just crap.

5 thoughts on “I need to vent

  1. I wouldn't pay it. I would be so mad the insurance company would be able to feel my anger through the phone line. I would also seriously contact an attorney.

  2. I owe the $50. It is my emergency room copay. However, you think they would have sent me another bill before sending it to collections since the insurance finally paid in April. And there has to be pages upon pages of notes regarding this.

    The hospital was in the wrong here. They never billed this correctly to begin with and that is where all the problems started.

  3. I have had collection agencies call me about money I owe without the company sending me a bill. It is very frustrating. I am sorry you have to go through this, and have those awful emotions brought up again. I guess as your dad said, pay it as soon as possible.

  4. We are going through a similar thing, only in this case it was for Mike's *second opinion* at Mass General. We got one bill from MGH for $1900 which claimed that we were *uninsured*, and we've been taken to collections for a second MGH bill that we never got any original bill for.

    Mike never was an inpatient at this place…all of this was just to TALK to a bunch of doctors. This SHOULD have been nothing more than a $15 co-pay, which they DID collect from him.

    In our case, both MGH AND Cigna are to blame here. I hate them both.

    I'm sorry you are dealing with this crap.

  5. I finally got a claims adjuster in March to look at my claims and recode them. The hospital refused. They told me that they already sent over everything and they were not going to do it again. So another call to BCBS, and I lucked out that I had a great person to finally help me out.

    I also luck out that my sister and her hubby both work for Humana, so they told me what questions to ask to get this taken care off.

    The biggest problem was that it wasn't coded as emergency. My response to that was bleeding from a miscarriage at 9 pm on Friday night isn't an emergency. I went to the ER, because that is where my dr office told me to go.

    I cannot wait to see how they screw up my labor and delivery crap.

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