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I Want A Wii U

Every so often, I get invited to an event that is just beyond cool. This weekend, my family and I were invited to try out the brand new Wii U. Now, this isn't on the market yet (they said, holiday season), and they don't even have a price point (I have done some research on this and I have no idea what to even guess that they are going to charge, so you can put this under your tree). Regardless, I can guarantee you that the Wii U will be one of the hottest Christmas presents this year! Here is our experience:

As you can see, we had a blast! We were able to even play games that aren't even out yet. There are just so many reasons why we loved the Wii U. Here's a quick list:

  • Backwards compatible. The games you are playing on the Wii can be played on this. You don't have to run out and buy all new games. That is a huge plus for me.
  • It does come with a tablet looking control.  It is super light and easy to easy.  It can also be used as a remote.  It also can be used for a single player game.  You can play the game on the tablet and actually change the station on the TV!  How cool is that?
  • Even though you get the tablet controller, all of your other controllers work with this.  I love that you don't have to run out and buy all new equipment.
  • Colors.  I am pretty sure we saw both white and black Wii U's.
  • Games.  I loved some of the new games they've come out with for the Wii U.  (Personal favorite was Nintendoland!)  They had games for every age range though, so there is definitely something for everyone!
  • Graphics.  I watched Bill play Batman and the graphics were just as good as what we currently see on the PS3.

Like I said before, the Wii U will be a hit this holiday season.  Our short experience with it sold us on it.  The Wii U is very cool and very fun!  This will be a must get system for all gamers.

2 thoughts on “I Want A Wii U

  1. Wow, your family sure did enjoy playing Wii U! Thanks for the review, it made me excited to get one for myself. Your blog is just but amazing! It is really fun to be a blogger and you get invites from products that you have to try out for yourself for free! Great post on this one!

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