Ice Cool Family Board Game
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Ice Cool Family Board Game


Penguins are running through the school in the first flicking game ever to have pieces which curve and jump!

The fun run begins – the rascals are running everywhere and trying to snatch up the fish on the way, but the Hall Monitor is trying to catch each one of them to have some order in the school. Who will be more successful?

It’s not just cool, it’s Ice Cool!

Ice Cool stands out with two major innovations: flicking techniques and a Box-In-A-Box setup. These two innovations add value to the gaming industry.  The special form of flicking pieces creates a new bag of tricks – players can make the pieces slide, curve, jump, dive or bump against the walls.  Each Ice Cool game contains 5 boxes that players fasten together with pins creating an immersive 3D game board in less than a minute.

The game is for 2 (aff) to 4 players. One is a Catcher, others are Runners. Everyone takes a turn of being a Catcher. So number of round equals number of players.

Runners start in a classroom and their job is to slide through the doors and grab the fish. The Catcher's job is to tag Runners and take their ID cards. When a Runner gets a fish, he gets also a fish card. When the Catcher tags someone, he takes the Runner’s ID card. At the end of the round everyone gets additional fish cards depending on a number of IDs they own.

The round ends when one Runner has gotten all fish of his color or the Catcher has tagged all the runners. Now you change the roles and continue with another round. At the end of the game you reveal all the fish cards and the person with the most victory points wins.

We had a blast playing Ice Cool.  I can only recommend it!

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