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Icky bugs

When I saw the above bugs casing outside, I almost needed to get a life insurance quote. I wasn't sure what those things were besides super creepy. I have to thank the Twitter Community, because several of them quickly let me know they were cicadas. We have several bugs and beetles we are suppose to on the lookout for, so I really wanted to make sure that these weren't those.  However, these casings are on our trees and the kids swingset.  I hope they go away soon!  We already knocked a bunch down and I don't want to be doing this the rest of the summer.

8 thoughts on “Icky bugs

  1. Icky! I think I've seen that bug outside. But I've also seen another thinner bug outside that has those funky looking tusky things in the front.

  2. These are very common all over the southeastern portion of the US. In the evenings you can hear there very distinctive chorus of calls. They do look like something from outer space though!

  3. Oh! I'd forgotten all about those things,

    as we don't have them out here in New

    Mexico where I've lived for the past 20

    years. I really liked them!

  4. Oooh, cicadas. I don't think we have them in the UK, but they look nasty! Though, they're probably not, right? 😕



  5. Ah, you'd never survive and my house. Our back yard is full of these. My son and his cousin (both 9) love to collect them and make cicada casing soup. Hey….it gives them something to do. 😉

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