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It's All Too Much!

How many times do you walk around your cluttered house and want to scream “It's all too much!”? Be honest, we've all been there.  Have no fear though — Peter Walsh is to the rescue.  It's All Too Much! is a full length DVD with more than an hour of tips, techniques and encouragement that will help you declutter every room of your home (aff) once and for all.  One of my personal goals this year to be more uncluttered, and Peter Walsh definitely has a lot of great ideas to make that happen.  I've actually incorporated a lot of his ideas already.  One of his tips that I have to do a better job with is making sure that all flat surfaces should remain empty and clutter free.  If I could stick to that, my kitchen would always be clean!  Peter, you need to see my lack of kitchen counter space and cupboards and help me!  In the meantime, I'm just going to try and keep them clean.  We recently bought a 4 drawer file cabinet, and that seems to be helping a lot.  We reorganized my closet and Madison's closet too by adding shelves which has helped a lot too.

If you need to unclutter your house and your life, you need to watch this DVD.  Not only does Peter have great ideas and tips, he even has a way to include your whole family in decluttering your life!

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5 thoughts on “It's All Too Much!

  1. If he can help me with my space issue, then he's my best friend. Especially in the closet i have a hard time finding what i want and storing clothes.

  2. There's nothing worse than coming home to complete chaos. It's supposed to be relaxing, but just adds more stress. I'm definitely gonna check this out.

  3. I've never come across these DVD's before. I think I'll have to check these out but I'm afraid that buying it would add to any clutter! Hehe.

  4. Hi there i talk about kismet Karma planets aligning or whatever but as i read your post im sitting in my room surrounded by clutter i every nook & cranny.

    It happens too often, but one things for sure when you make the effort to clean and keep things manageable it makes a world of different. A chinese Feng Shui saying is a cluttered unorganised living environment leads to a cluttered unorganized life..

    too true



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