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Kids and their bodily fluids

I thought that title would get your attention. Also, it serves as a great warning say if your are eating breakfast and don't want to hear about things like bodily fluids over your breakfast. Ok, on with the story . . .

My bodily fluid day started at the doctors office. While being weighed, Will proceeded to pee all over the scale and me and the nurse and himself. It was great, let me tell you. Then after we got home (aff), Will proceeded to pee on me twice while I was trying to change him. I thought this was the end of my fun. I was wrong. About 11 pm last night, I fed Will in my bed. I was being lazy and did want to take him back into the living room which has not been a problem. Last night, however, he ate his bottle and then proceeded to throw up all over me and my bed. Not a little, mind you. I had to change my clothes, and we had to rip all the bedding off the bed. My entire side of the bed was covered in puke.

I thought we were done with this stuff by today. Madison climbed into bed with me this morning. I was feeding Will about 8 and I noticed a wet spot on the bed on Bill's side (and I was pretty sure Bill didn't wet the bed). This is where Madison lays when she climbs into bed with me. Her diaper leaked!!!!

So today has now turned into “let's wash all the bedding” day. I tell you, its great being a housewife. Somebody please help me . . . 🙂

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