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LeapFrog: Learn, Create, and Share

My family and I are huge LeapFrog fans. We own the majority of their products, and I am always willing to try their new ones! As many of you know, I also like to pass along great products when I see them. We had a little get together with some friends and showed them the new Leapfrog products.

We already had a Tag reading system, but we tried out the new pen. However, we did not have the Learn To Read Series or the Interactive World Map. Personally, I loved the Learn To Read Series. It is exactly what Will is learning in preschool right now, so it is quite complimentary. The Interactive World Map is awesome:

The kids loved the Map Racer Challenge that is on the map. I learned with this game that I didn't know my geography all that well. Who actually knows where Fiji or Madagascar is? I know I didn't until yesterday! There are three different levels, so all ages can play without getting frustrated. The kids loved that when you clicked on the airplane it made noise too. There was also a few more games. What I didn't realize till after everyone left, was that there are two sides to the map!!!!! My kids played with the other side and had just as much fun. I loved that the map is interactive and that my kids were learning. They didn't even realize it at all! All the kids just thought they were having fun!  Madison thought the map was fun and hard while Alex thought Level 3 was definitely hard!  Hannah thought it was really fun.

We also were able to try out the new LeapPad learning tablet:

Who cares about the kids opinion? I am in love. I can't tell you how much I love this product. For me, it is the best thing since sliced bread. It truly is. My husband and I both have smart phones. Our kids always want to play on said smart phone. I've already had my 4 year old drop said smart phone and shatter the screen. Needless to say, I need a product like this in my home (now granted, if you drop this just right, it'll shatter said screen too). That all being said, all the kids loved this including my 2 year old nephew Gabe. Yes, my two year old nephew is an awesome player on the balloon popping game on here and beat everybody's score.

The tablet is for ages 4  – 9.  It has a built in camera and video recorder.  LeapPad offers limitless learning and endless play through their library of 100+ cartridge games, apps, digital books, videos, and flash cards!  You can touch the screen with your finger or the stylus (and it comes with an extra one too!).  Some of the games require you to shake it and even blow into it.  They have games and apps in school basics like math, reading, science, geography, art, music, language, culture, etc.  The skill levels adjust automatically, so kids can learn at their own pace.  Their progress is remembered from game to game.  You can set up profiles for all your kids too!

I can honestly say that I can see the LeapPad being a top item this Christmas. I was impressed with the durability and how both my kids can play with it. My kids love it, and we've already taken it on long car trips. My car has never been so quiet. 🙂

I am impressed with all the Leapfrog products we go to try out. I highly recommend them all!

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