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You've Been Sentenced

About 2 (aff) years ago, I reviewed the game You've Been Sentenced.  It is still a fun game.  It’s for 8 and up.  Each player gets 10 cards.  You take your ten cards and make a sentence that makes sense.  Your sentence then goes to the jury — that is, your fellow players.  You have to justify why it makes sense to score.  Now that Madison is in second grade, it is a great way to reinforce what she's learning at school.  Plus, listening to her justify her sentences is pretty funny (not that some of what the rest of us come up with isn't just as funny).  This is just a great family game.

However, this post isn't another review of the game.  I just wanted to let you know that you can get You've Been Sentenced (aff) at Toys R Us and Kohl’s this year in addition to Barnes & Noble and our hundreds of independent stores, catalogs and websites! This is such a fun game and makes a great Christmas gift!  Just wanted to pass along all the great places you can get the game now!

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