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Lisa’s 10 Weight Loss Tips – #NSNation Update Week 33 #samp

I've been asked how I've lost all the weight I have. As you all know, I've been using Nutrisystem, but here are a few my tips to help you on your weight loss journey.

  1. Plan your meals ahead of time. This is where Nutrisystem comes in really handy. Your order your food monthly, so you always have food on hand that is portioned for you perfectly!
  2. Don't skip meals!
  3. Don't confuse thirst with hunger.  If you feel hungry, drink a glass of water first.  Plus, this helps you reach drinking enough water daily.
  4. Don't keep tempting items in your home.  If you love chips, don't tempt yourself by having them staring at you every day.
  5. Sleep!  Studies have shown that people who regularly get a good nights sleep weight less.
  6. Aim for a certain dress size or waist measurement instead of a concrete weight number.  Some weeks you may lose inches.  Some week you may lose pounds.
  7. Have a great support system.  The people you surround yourself with need to be people who help you on your weight loss journey, not those who sabotage you.
  8. If you do go out to eat, ask your server to remove the chips and bread from your table.  If you are hungry, you may find these items too tempting.
  9. Move at least 30 minutes a day.  You can walk.  You can Zumba.  Also, you don't even have to do the 30 minutes in one shot. 10 minutes when you have time is worth it.
  10. Remember that you are worth it every single day, and that you can lose the weight.
As for my own weight loss this week, I had a good week.  I lost 1.4 lbs to move my weight loss total to 61 lbs!!!  Next week, will be hard one (I have 3 full days that I won't be home so I'll be at whim of my hosts), so I'm going to savor this weeks success!


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7 thoughts on “Lisa’s 10 Weight Loss Tips – #NSNation Update Week 33 #samp

  1. Great job and good tips that everyone can use. I replaced those "tempting" items with cut up fruits and vegetables I keep ready in the fridge for those "hunger binges".

  2. Really nice and motivational read. #9 – really true, I could even say that making short but more intensive efforts make much sense than long but on half strength!

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