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Little Bill

Another show that we like to watch at our house is Little Bill. This is another show we watch on Noggin. Little Bill is 5, so Madison completely relates to him. The show is based on Bill Cosby's book series, and he works with a panel of educational experts too! As an adult watching the show, you really get a feel for how a child sees the world. My daughter gets to learn that she really can make a difference. There definitely is an emphasis on family. You get to see Little Bill work his way through things such as what to do when you are snowed in to learning how to do a somersault.  You will often hear Little Bill saying “Hello Friend!”. This was inspired by the Hello Friend/Ennis William Cosby Foundation. This foundation was established in memory of Ennis William Cosby, the son of the Bill Cosby.

Your son or daughter won't learn the ABCs watching this show. However, they will learn about self esteem, dealing with conflicts, and developing social skills. It also won't bore you to tears.

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