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Madison Update

This is probably only exciting to me, but Madison can write her own name without me spelling it for her! Obviously, this is something they have been working on at preschool, but I had no idea she could do it. We were working on some birthday cards and I told her to write her name. Normally, I have to spell it for her and help her with the letters she can't remember how to make. She did it all by herself! I am super proud of her!

The other kind of cool thing that she did tonight was name her rock. I know that sounds funny, but she refuses to name anything. However, she painted a rock at school today to look like a turtle. Before she went to bed she told me his name was Tommy the Turtle. She also asked to sleep with it. Madison right now is sleeping with a rock in her bed. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Madison Update

  1. That's great. My daughter who is 4 and in pre-school already writes her name in capital letters in all her drawings. It's so cute and nice to watch our kids develop their skills at such early age. Of course, we have to be proud moms. 🙂

  2. Hi. I was on socialspark.com trying to promote my "internet auction sites" when I discovered your profile and ventured here to check out your blog. I'm glad I did. My two kids are both teens now. They were opposites in so many ways. One of them would not do anything for himself, and one would not let you help with anything. And I had to laugh at your little one naming her pet rock. Maybe she will start the pet rock craze again. My daughter always insisted on naming every pet the same name. We had many pets named Lolly. Enjoyed your blog.


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