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Merry Christmas – #NSNation Update – Week 48 #samp

Just a quick post for this week.  After 3 days of partying, I still managed to lose a pound!  That puts me over the 75 lb threshold now!

Here are few ways to keep your weight in check and in the coming year:

First, own your weight.  You have to own it before you can do anything about it.

Next, set your goal and stick to it.  Just because you may have cheated on Christmas, that doesn't you keep cheating your way through the holiday.  Just get back up on the horse and restart eating better.

Need an excuse to go shopping?  Some post Christmas shopping is what is on the menu.  Walking is a great way to burn some of those extra calories you may have eaten.

Lastly, make good food choices.  Don't drink the entire carton of egg nog.  Don't eat a dozen Christmas cookies.  Keep your portions small and you can enjoy what every body else is eating!

Hopefully you will have a non-weight gain holiday!


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