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I’ve Lost A 3rd Grader With #NSNation – Week 47 #samp

IMG_1350I have so much to tell you this week!

First, I wasn't expecting a huge weight loss. With the rest of this nation, I've engaged in some emotional eating this last week. However, I got right back up.

Second, I realized when I was at a Lee Jeans party that I've lost the same amount of weight that Madison weighs! That means that in less than a year, I have lost her! Looking at this picture of her really put it in perspective! (And that sad thing is – she's going to be taller than me shortly!)

Third, I need to talk about the Lee Jeans Party. We got to learn about Lee Jeans, but that's not the amazing part. I went there in a Size 14 jeans. I thought those jeans fit me (though I did notice that they were loose around the waist). I left with Size 10 jeans. I went down 2 sizes in one night! LOL Can I tell you how good that feels? I can honestly finally say that I am proud of myself. My goal jean size is an 8 (though I'd die if I could get into a 6), so I am so close that I can taste it!

The next couple of weeks will be interesting. With the holidays, we will be gone, so I can't control what I'm eating quite as well. That being said — I will try and make good food choices.


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25 thoughts on “I’ve Lost A 3rd Grader With #NSNation – Week 47 #samp

    1. Madison is such a bean pole that I'd never guess she weighs as much as she does. 🙂 Though, you should have borrowed me your third grader 10 lbs ago. ROFL 🙂

  1. Your daughter is a beautiful girl. I have been losing weight with just watching what I eat. So for 40 lbs. You go girl & keep up the good work!

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss! I have been on the Lindora diet for a while and have lost 32 lbs. It is hard…..but so worth it when you get on the scale and see the results! : )

  3. That is absolutely amazing! I weighed myself tonight, I knew I had gained more weight this year, I went up two sizes in 9months! I was so sickened by what I actually gained ahh Makes me want to cry!

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