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Merry Sparkling Christmas

If you have kids who love sparkles, this is a must have book. It's just so sparkley!

Merry Sparkling Christmas is an instant Christmas classic for me.  It's a board book, so it can take a licking and keep on ticking (okay, an actual licking may be a little damage, but not a lot).  This book is just so cool to look at.  Each page is full of sparkling goodness.  You've got glistening icicles, sparkling wrapping paper, and even twinkling lights on a Christmas tree.  This is a book your kids will want to flip through over and over again (I know I do as an adult!).

Merry Sparkling Christmas is another book to get for the Christmas season.

One thought on “Merry Sparkling Christmas

  1. Thanks for the review, I am sure with all the sparkling, all the kids would enjoy looking at it over and over.

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