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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Great Outdoors

Will, my 3 (aff) year old, is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so I knew we had to review Mickeys Great Outdoors.  Best of all, Mickeys Great Outdoors comes with a Mickey Mote!

Mickey's Great Outdoors is all about camping, fishing, etc. — you know, outdoor activities.  There are 4 episodes on here that you've seen on TV:  Mickey's Camp Out, Mickey and Minnie's Jungle Safari, Daisy in the Sky, and Daisy's Grasshopper.  There is also a never seen episode too:  Mickey's Fish Story.  All the stories are fun and entertaining.  I even enjoyed watching them with Will!  I love that you can watch the movie pretty much anywhere too.  You can watch on your DVD with or without the Mickey Mote and you can also get a digital copy that you can download to any of your devices.  The Mickey Mote does make the episodes more interactive.  It asks your kids questions, and they answer using Mickey Mote.  I know that my 3 (aff) year old thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread!

Mickeys Great Outdoors isn't available until May 24th, so make sure you pre-order your copy!

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