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Monopoly Zapped

Pull out your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch device and prepare for an interactive new way to experience MONOPOLY with MONOPOLY zAPPed EDITION. While playing on an iDevice, players see the Chance and Community Chest cards come to life through fun and challenging mini-games. For example, players can “get out of jail free” by playing a mini-game to avoid the $50 fine. Using proprietary technology, the players’ iDevice acts as a banking unit and will add and subtract money from accounts with a simple tap of a special bankcard. Download the free MONOPOLY zAPPed (aff) EDITION game app from the App Store to play.

My thoughts? Well, first I love Monopoly (in the 16 years Bill and I have been together, I think he's beaten me in Monopoly maybe twice). We actually took Monopoly Zapped (aff) camping with us to give it a run for its money. (Our campground had wifi, so downloading the app was possible. It is fairly big app, so you aren't going to want to download it on a 3G network.) The game was played just like the regular game. I loved that my iphone took care of the money transactions for us. A couple of things we didn't like was that we couldn't customize the game (we play that you get money when you land on Free Parking and there was no way to add that in. We also don't normally play with auctions and this forces you to auction the property when you land on it if you aren't buying it). Also, we sometime struggled to get the iphone to read our “credit cards”. However, the little twists they added in more than offset what we didn't like. I loved the fun little minigames you got to play when you land on Chance and Community Chest.

Overall, we really like Monopoly Zapped. It was a game that we enjoyed playing, and it was great for our camping trip (and great for home (aff) play too!). I definitely recommend trying Monopoly Zapped out if you are a Monopoly fan!

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