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Moon Dough

Have you ever heard of Moon Dough?  Up until recently, I hadn't.  It is really cool stuff.  It's an amazing new molding compound.  It's soft and marshmallow like.  I thought it felt like we were playing with cotton candy.  It really reminded me of that.  It is also hypo-allergenic and wheat free.  However, the best part — it never dried out.  Let me repeat that, Moon Dough never dries out.  I can't tell you how many containers of Play-doh I've thrown away because three year olds have a tendency of not putting it away.  Moon Dough also comes in eight great colors:  blue, green, white, orange, purple, red, pink, and yellow.  I'd be very surprised if you couldn't get this in your kids favorite color!  Moon Dough is also available at Toys R Us, Target, Kmart, Walmart, Amazon, A.C. Moore, Michaels, and eToys.

There are also a ton of playsets you can get to play with this.  As you can see above, we tried out the Moon Dough Barnyard.  As soon as Will saw the box, he started singing “E I E I Ohhhhhhhh”.  What I loved about this set was that Will could do all of it without my help.  There are molds for your kids to make bales of hay and even a fence!  In the top of the barn are the molds for the animals.  You put the dough in and turn the crank and out pops the animal!  It's pretty cool.  You can make a cow, a sheep, a pig, and even a horse.  You can also get a pizza set, doghouse, and burger shop.

Moon Dough is pretty cool.  My only complaint is that it seemed to shred itself into small pieces that had to be picked up.  Cleanup took a bit, but Will truly enjoyed this.  I'd give it a thumbs up!

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