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Ten Tips for Planning a Unique Baby Shower

I'm sooooo glad I'm done having kids. However, I know many women who haven't had a baby yet, so I have a few more in my future to attend. However, I've been to enough (and helped plan one for my sister), so I think I have enough to give you ten tips to planning a unique baby shower.

1.  Google is your friend.  If you are looking for a themed shower, it will definitely help you find the supplies you are looking for.  You can cross check prices fairly easy too.

2.  If the mom to be can't make the shower (distance, in the hospital),  here's what to do:  Write on the baby shower invitations:  Do Not Wrap Your Gift.  Then have a somebody with a video camera be ready to tape.  Have everybody enjoy the shower.  When you get to the gift opening part, have each guest stand up.  Have the video camera pan away, so the mom can hear what the people think about the present, but not be able to see it.  Then have the guests wrap the presents.  Then give the video and presents to the mom.  The mom should watch the video first and then open the gifts.  The mom can then feel part of the shower without even being there.

3.  Instead of having people bring cards with their gifts, have them bring a book instead.  The new  mom will start off with a great library instead of cards you just throw away!

4.  If you know anybody who can make a diaper cake, have one made.  I got one for my shower and they are super duper awesome.  They are full of stuff you need!

5.  Another really cool idea is to buy birthday cards for all ages.  Hand them out to your guests.  Have the guests write something to the baby in the card.  The cards are then given to mom.  Each year, the mom can take out the cards for the appropriate year and have the child open them.

6.  Play the baby food game.  Have several containers of baby food on each table where the guests are sitting.  Have them labeled with numbers instead of what they are.  Your guests then have to guess what's in the jars.  The nice thing with this game is that mom can use the baby food  later!  (I know my sister did).

7.  Buy onsies of all different sizes.  Each table paints/designs their onsie for the baby.  It's fun and you get a ton of different size onsies out of it!  Plus, it's creative, unique, and a great memory.

8.  Have the guests put a piece of paper on top of their head and draw a teddy bear.  The person who has the best picture wins and everybody else just gets to laugh!

9.  Have your guests bring a recipe card with a kid friendly recipe on it!

10.  If the mom hasn't decided on a name yet, have the guests introduce themselves to the group and come up with a name that starts with the first letter of their name.  It might give the new mom some good ideas!

There are a ton of ways to put your own stamp on a baby shower.  These are just a few to help you out!

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  1. Is planning a baby shower as daunting as preparing a wedding? I had my friend told me to hire someone to do the entire set-up but I guess I can manage everything on my own. We'll, this article really helps me to do it all with ease.

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