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The Mouse, The Monster, and Me and Liking Me Review

Want to teach your children nonviolent problem solving skills? Thenn The Mouse, The Monster, and Me and Liking Me are two books you should take a look at. The Mouse, The Monster, and Me is about teaching aggressive kids to get their needs met without being “monsters” or bullies.  It also teaches passive kids (“mice”) to stand up for themselves.  This book teaches assertiveness, conflict resolution, and how to deal with their anger.  There are also activities for them to do throughout the book to help get these concepts across.  This book is for kids 8 and up.

Liking Myself is for kids 5 to 10 is all about building your self esteem.  Besides the story, there is also age appropriate activities to help your child realize their self worth.  The book teaches children to listen to and talk about feelings and how to manage them.  Madison (who is 6) and I were able to review this book together.  She definitely was able to do this and get what she was suppose to out of it.

Both these books are pretty cute.  The kids learn without realizing it, and they definitely teach some great skills.

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