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Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps

I'll admit it. Math is not my strong suit. However, I live with someone who has taken Calculus 5. However, it stinks at explaining things. You need to get it the first time he explains it, or he has no idea what to do and just gets frustrated. With Madison heading into second grade, she'll be learning how to multiply and divide.  If there is anything I can do to make this easier for her, I'd like to do it.  That is where Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps comes in.

The method in Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps will have your kids doing these math problems in 5 minutes!  Now, Madison and I just worked with the multiplication portion of this book.  She completely understood what they wanted her to do.  For me, it was so simple.  However, I don't think I would have ever thought to use this method on my own.  I also love the uplifting quotes that they had on each page.  It helps push the kids along with reinforcement.

If your kids are having problems with multiplying or dividing, check out Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps!

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