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My Lip

Anybody who is on twitter knows that I have been complaining about my lip. Here's what it looked like last night.  I debated on whether or not to post it, but it is kind of gross, so if you really want to see it, click away.  Pretty much, I had a little cold sore on Sunday.  I started using Abreva right away.  However, by last night, half of my lip was swollen and my jaw was swollen on that side too.  I had several people telling me I really needed to go to the doctor.  Well, today was not a good for that.  The waterproofing guys were here, so leaving was not really an option.  However, when I woke up this morning, my whole lip was swollen.  My jaw was still swollen.  However, the part that scared me was that half of my face was numb.  You know when you go to the dentist and they numb you?  Well, that's what half of my face feels like.  I ended up having my mother in law come over and watch the kids, and I ran to urgent care.  The prognosis?  I have a massive face infection.

Tonight, my face is killing me, so it will definitely be an early night.

3 thoughts on “My Lip

  1. That's terrible! What in the world caused the infection? I have never seen a coldsore do that… allergy to Abreva?

  2. Oh damn! I feel so sorry for you. That looks like it really hurts. I hope it gets better soon so you can go back to a normal life.

  3. My sister has been having cold sores through all her childhood years and now when she is 20+ she still tends to have them from time to time with no traces on her face afterwards… And I'd got cold sore only once in my life this winter (in the very beginning) and after being on my face for almost a week it passed leaving the skin between my nose and upper lip red. I was waiting for redness to fade, but it is still there:(((

    Am really afraid of having another one as Zovirax my sister used as a treatment didn't work for me at all and I have no idea what to treat it with…

    Hope your lip will be better soon,


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