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Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys

nancy drewI remember reading Nancy Drew as a kid and loving the books. That's why I was super excited to see that they have incorporated this awesome series into a computer game (which I hope ropes more kids into reading this great set of books).  Nancy Drew Dossier Resorting to Danger is a game where you (as Nancy Drew) have to stops bombs from exploding at an exclusive resort (aff).  The games storyline definitely reminds me of the books.  Nancy Drew goes undercover to catch the culprit before the spa goes under.

The game is rated E for everyone, but there is some mild violence.  I played this with Madison, and we had a blast finding clues, interviewing suspects, and solving puzzles to get further into the story.  Madison especially liked having to defuse the bombs.  There is even bonus content to find.  Best of all, there are six endings to this game depending on the choices you make as a player.  You get a unique game every time you play!

hardy boysAnother great series of books that has been made into an awesome set of video games is The Hardy Boys.  The Hardy Boys Treasure On The Tracks is about you traveling from Paris to St Petersburg to follow the Romanov Family treasure.  In the game, you get to play Frank and Joe Hardy.  Like Nancy Drew, you get to snoop around for clues, interrogate suspects, and even more puzzles.  Madison liked that we got to switch characters like the spy you run into later in the game.  She also enjoyed being able to use the stylus to paint a couple of pictures in the game (she's in a little art streak right now, so she loved this!).  As a mom, I loved that if you mess up in the game, the game restarts where you made the fatal mistake.

If you are looking for some great games this holiday season, I'd have to recommend both games (and the books too!).


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  1. I am somewhat tempted to go back and read some more of the Hardy Boys series because I used to love reading them so much.

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