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Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy

nancy derwHaving grown up on Nancy Drew, I love that they've come out with a whole line of games that incorporate her into it. It's great seeing a girl with strong self esteem and brains. I love that my daughter has a strong character to look up to.  This game has you going to a prep school (and all that entails like cramming for tests and cliques.  You even have a cell phone that's equipped with a camera.) while you are solving a mystery.  Nancy Drew's job is to find out who is responsible for the pranks that have been occurring.  You quickly learn that the pranks are being targeted against valedictorian candidates.  My favorite feature of this game is that if you manage to get yourself killed, you automatically start over at the point you made your fatal mistake.  This game is rated E for everyone.  It has two difficulty settings (Jr or Sr Detective), so almost anyone can play this.

Nancy Drew:  Warnings at Waverly Academy is a great game to try out and play.  It'll make a great affordable Christmas gift!  (You can even check at Waverly Academy on their website and on Nancy Drew's Twitter account.)

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