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New Member Of The House

No, we didn't adopt a cat, dog, or baby. Instead we ended up having to buy a new stove. Here's our new baby:

I can honestly say that this is the best oven I have ever owned. We have been trying it out the last couple of days. My old stove didn't have a digital anything on it, so we have had a little bit of learning curve. The first time I tried to set the timer, I actually turned the oven off. Then we couldn't figure out why the pizzas weren't cooking! LOL Seriously, I love it!  It also has a simmer burner and a poweburner (which allows you to get water to boil faster — I think its something like 12,000 BTUs)

I am hoping that this is last appliance we will have to buy for a while now. Last fall, we replaced the washer and dryer. 3 (aff) weeks ago, we have to replace the phones and the microwave (aff). Now, its the stove. The only thing we still have left to replace is the water heater (Knocking on wood that that doesn't go out now!)

9 thoughts on “New Member Of The House

  1. Nice burners. I love gas stoves, they are just so much nicer than electric. I hate waiting for water to boil with our stove, and that power burner sounds like some serious awesomeness. Hopefully I will get one someday.

  2. The oven on the other one wasn't maintaining the temperature correctly, so we didn't have a choice. I never thought I'd be excited about a microwave. LOL

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