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#NSNation Update – Week 15

So  a weird thing happened on the way to Madison's First Communion this weekend.  I had a stressful long week.  I skipped Zumba, so I could get my house ready.  I didn't even mow the lawn to help Bill out (he did it himself!).  I ate some “real” food instead of all Nutrisystem food.  I was terrified of weighing in this morning.

That all being said, since I paid good money for the stuff I had at the party, I did indulge.  Some of my most favorite foods were served.  I stuck to my Nutrisystem plan for breakfast and lunch.  Supper, and my extra smartfuels and powerfuels were used for dinner and snacking.  I just chose to make smart choices.

With that all said and done, I was a little worried.  I shouldn't have been!  Instead of gaining (which was my fear), I ended up with a fairly big weight loss this week!  We are looking at 2 (aff).8 lbs!!!  It just goes to show you that real life can get in the way, and you can still lose weight.  As always, this coming up weekend, we'll be heading to Green Bay for another party.  I will just have to use everything I've learned to this point and again, make smart choices about what I am putting into my mouth.

I can barely believe that a 40 lb weight loss is right around the corner.  I could seriously accomplish that by the end of this month!  When I started this, I didn't know if I could actually do this.  I'm amazed at what I have accomplished so far, and I thank you all for joining me in this journey.  You have all kept me both accountable and motivated!


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13 thoughts on “#NSNation Update – Week 15

  1. You are doing so well even with life's little stress outs! Is it okay if I an green with supportive envy of your weight less?? Hugs!

  2. Nice work you have there. I agree that losing weight is not all about diet pills and teas, but it is with something that is built with nutrition. Healthy diet consists of a product that is full of nutrition, like vegetables, fruits, fiber, anti-oxidant, a little with calories, etc.. It's like eating a full meal. Adding it up with exercise to make your body firmed. Cheers! – Lisa

  3. You go girl! I know how it is when you have to skip a workout or something and then you stress about how bad things will go. But sometimes it's good to just relax and enjoy yourself and I love how it paid off for you!

  4. That's awesome. I have to say its fun following along as I'm right behind you in my goals/milestones so it makes it feel more real and attainable. This week I should pass the 35 pound mark. I'd LOVE to hit 40 by the end of the month (or at least the June 2nd weight in since I have Saturday weigh ins) But as I posted on my blog earlier this week, I'm trying not to let the numbers define me and just know that like you are finding, I CAN do this. I don't need to let life give me excuses. I can handle any situation and enjoy life but not sabotage what I'm doing by going overboard.

  5. Woot! You have almost lost 40 pounds….I cannot believe how awesome your journey has been….Congrats and I know you'll reach your goal….

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