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Before And After – #NSNation Update – Week 17

If you read the post prior to this one, you will see I talked about being involved with Lands End with Swimsuit Confidence. I'll admit it, sometimes it is hard to feel good about yourself in a swimsuit. However, as I've learned, we are often harder on ourselves than we are on others. I have to learn that I am never going to be that perfect airbrushed pictures we see in the magazine (and for that matter, neither are the celebrities that are in those pictures). Instead of looking at where I still think I am fat, I am going to concentrate on what I have accomplished so far. That being said, the best way is to show you. Since I've worked with Lands End for a while, I have a swimsuit that they sent me last year around this time. It was a 26W:

I loved that suit. That being said, I did try it on, and it's too big this year. I ended up with this swimsuit this year:

This suit is a 18W. Now, I've been complaining that I can't see a difference. Well, I can see the difference in these two photos!  I've even noticed that some of the new clothes I bought are getting too big on me now too!  And yes, it is still hard to put on a swimsuit and post it on the internet, but I did it anyway!

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS:  40.2 (aff) lbs

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13 thoughts on “Before And After – #NSNation Update – Week 17

  1. you look great. I'm totally jealous that your lose has dropped you so many sizes and mine hasn't even gotten me down 2 sizes yet 🙁 But totally thrilled for you, you are doing awesome and BIG props for sharing swimsuit pics, don't think I'm there yet. I haven't even been able to post my yucky before and current pics…I think I will do it right now!!

    1. Lisa, I can't wait to see in person again, but I can see the difference for you in the pictures you've posted. I am also a whole lot shorter than you 🙂 Plus, have you taken your measurements? You may be losing inches and not realizing it! Also, I have quit buying baggy clothes. I think that alone helped me drop some sizes.

      1. I have been doing measurements and I know that I am losing inches everywhere but mostly from the chest area which I know is normal and why I haven't gone down more pants sizes. I'm focusing on how I feel and I DO see it in my face which makes me happy!!!

        I went ahead and posted my unflattering progress pics

  2. Hooray! You're doing fantastic and just in time for summer! Forty pounds is a lot to lose. Cheers for the swimsuit photo too!! ;D

  3. You look amazing! Congrats…the fact that you have the confidence to post before photos is a true statement of how much you have achieved…I am inspired by you…..Love the suit BTW…Lands' End rocks!

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