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Our Visit At Top Of The Rock

Now, if you read me regularly, you'll know that I used the Top Of The Rock (which is the top of the Rockefeller Center) as my Wordless Wednesday photo. However, I do want to show you all everything else we took too!

Now, Top Of The Rock was something my husband wanted to do. The kids weren't thrilled. Well, Will wasn't. Madison thought the whole thing was stupid till she got to the Top Of The Rock.

I have to admit, the Top Of The Rock was pretty cool.

The best part is that you can buy a map that will tell you what buildings you are looking at too. Without that, I couldn't tell you anything but where Central Park was! We just got the Top Of The Rock passes, but if you do go to Top Of The Rock, there are other passes you can get with the tickets (I think one offers a tour which we knew the kids wouldn't go for and the other offered other things to do at Rockefeller Center that Will wasn't old enough for).

We also bought a picture that makes is look like we are sitting on steel bar over the city. Yeah, we are a sucker for touristy stuff like that. 🙂 However, we did walk out of there without spending all of the US Money Reserve, so that is a win. Right? LOL

On a more serious note, I recommend checking out Top Of The Rock. The kids eventually liked it. There was no line (we went right up). The view was spectacular. What more can you ask for?

7 thoughts on “Our Visit At Top Of The Rock

    1. Keep watching my blog! So far, I am still not done with our first day in NYC. LOL I'm breaking everything out into each activity we did. Though, the Bronx Zoo was to die for. It was so awesome.

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