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Our Week In Review

I am assuming that everyone knows that Bill smashed the Prius.  Well, he didn't quite smash it — somebody else smashed him.  We've had a fun week.  I now have no vehicle (since he's using my van now), and we just got the estimate.  Ok, sit down.  I know I am glad I did.  $6200.  Yes, I repeat $6200 to fix that.  Now, you are saying it doesn't look that bad.  Well, it is.  Thank God, it missed the Prius's batteries which are located in the back of the car or who knows how bad it could have been.  We will be carless for a minimum of 2 (aff) weeks.  Yes, we are working on getting a rental car.  No, don't have it yet.

On top of that wonderful occurance, Madison has an appointment with a geneticist tomorrow.  Remember our wonderful Disney trip?  Yeah, this is in response to that.  This is the same geneticist that we saw when she was two for the same thing (her counts for everything being so way off).  Last time, we were told this was a fluke.  Should be interesting what we hear now.  I already know that the 37 million (ok not quite that many) tests they ordered in the last month (plus I had to catch her pee everyday and dip it for keytones) have all come back normal.  That should make me feel better.  It doesn't.  It just means they don't know what's wrong with her, and they don't know how to fix it.  The only two times this has happened is when she had the throwing up flu.  Well, once she is in school for real (kindergarten), I am pretty sure this will happen more.  Since we are paying tution next year, I really don't want to pay a hospital bill on top of that.  Her pediatrician won't deal with it at all and won't give me a plan of action to do when it happens again.  Their response “we'll play it by ear”.  Well, playing it by ear has landed her in the hospital twice.

So if I seem a tad on edge today and tomorrow, that's why.  Keep wishing us luck.

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2 thoughts on “Our Week In Review

  1. Lisa, it seems there are many unfortunate things happened on your family in the past few months. I hope you'll be able to get through it…

    May god bless you all!

  2. I hope everything goes well with your daughter. How did it go? I'm sorry that happened to your car too. I just went through an accident was without my car for almost two weeks. The damage was around $7000. My battery was cracked and replaced, but it's not a hybrid which I am sure makes yours a lot more expensive.

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