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Parents Kitty Keyboard

If you need a keyboard for you kids to play with, this is definitely right up your alley. Last Christmas, my mom was trying to find a keyboard that wasn't too old for her (which most on the market are). She found this one at Target. As you can tell from the picture, it is super cute. It is also age appropriate. Madison isn't ready for things like dress up clothes (well, she doesn't have much interest in the later).  The cool thing is that Will likes to play with this and I have even caught my husband messing with it.

There are 20 songs that you can play along to, 4 instrumental sounds, and even Meow! sounds!  It also has a record feature, so they can record their own compositions.  They are able to control the beat, volume, and tempo of the music quite easily too.  It has an auto-off function.  The keyboard starts purring when it is about to shut itself off.   There are sing alongs and 7 cat songs.

All in all, this keyboard is a cute and a great buy.  Your kids will get a ton of playing time with it.  (It is also extremely hardy since Will pulls it off the couch all the time and I have caught Madison standing on it, and it still works!)

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