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Personalized books

Do want a great present for a child that you never know what to get? I think I found the perfect gift: personalized childrens books. I just ordered one of these books for Madison, and I love it. I am still deciding whether or not to give it to her now or wait till Christmas or wait till her birthday in January. I had to give them a little information about her like her name, age, and where we live. They took that information and made it into a story about Sesame Street and her. I already know that she is going to love a story about her.

I was amazed over how many different types of books that you can have made with them. I have a baptism coming up for one of my friend's twins, and I am thinking about getting the kids a book for it. They have Christian, Sesame Street, Marvel, and Fantastic Four ones just to make a few. There are 7 pages of choices. You can spend all day just deciding which book to get!

Something else I just noticed when I was checking out their site was that you can set up a call for Santa to call your kids. How cool! I am not sure that Madison is old enough yet to really get the whole Santa thing, so I may not do it this year.

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