Play With Purpose with Toys“R”Us #PlayWithPurpose
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Play With Purpose with Toys“R”Us #PlayWithPurpose

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Together, Toys“R”Us and Save the Children are embarking on a mission to provide some of the 15.5 million youth living in impoverished regions of the country with opportunities and resources to integrate purposeful play into their everyday lives; a factor proven critical in children’s emotional, physical and cognitive development and future growth. We all know how important it is for kids to play. Did you know that pretend play with a child from 8 to 17 months old is linked to higher intellect at age 5? Young children benefit from interaction, babbling, facial expressions and gestures, the absence of which from adults can lead to disparities in learning and behavior. In one study, children ages 1 ½ to 2 (aff) ½ who were provided sets of plastic building bricks had significantly higher language scores six months later. Even 10 minutes of play can improve a child’s performance, may encourage thinking and successfully controls behavior! This is cause I can get behind. I have two kids myself and know the importance of play. It is great to see what they can accomplish even when they are having fun. Even as an adult, who doesn't like to play?

From February 17 – April 17, customers can make cash donations at any Toys“R”Us or Babies“R”Us store, or online at, to help bring learning through play to kids in need. Play builds the foundation for a lifetime of learning. How will you play with your kids today (or this weekend or anytime soon)?

15 thoughts on “Play With Purpose with Toys“R”Us #PlayWithPurpose

  1. I couldn’t agree more – play is super important for kids. My 8 year old has the BEST imagination from all the play he’s done over the years 🙂

  2. This is a perfect way to get children who have nothing something to play with. I think this is a great program but I think my company should do stuff like this.

  3. How amazing is this! I love that they are focusing on imagination at play and learning in areas that need it the most. I also love that they are opening it up to customers to donate as well. This brought tears to my eyes, thank you for sharing.

  4. What a wonderful way to make a difference! Playing is not just terrorizing the toy room and getting energy out-its what helps build and sculpt our children! I love this! Play should be encouraged every day, every chance you get!

  5. This is wonderful to hear. I’ve always loved Toys R Us, and this makes it even better. I think playing is such an important thing for children. They can learn so much.

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