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#PlayDohPlayDates Review

I do not know about your kids, but mine always want to have play dates with their friends. However, how do you keep the kids busy once the play date has begun? That is where Play-Doh Play-Date comes in.

Play-Doh Play-Date is an awesome site that outlines great idea to how to keep your kids (and their friends too) busy. There are several listed ways to keep the kids on their toes: Fresh Ideas, printable crafts, and healthy snacks. The fresh ideas are foods that they can make with Play-Doh like pizzas and pizza toppings. Next are the printable crafts that tie into everything. First, we printed off the pizza menu. Will thought this was the coolest thing ever (we also printed off the OPEN sign the is not pictured). The directions were phenomenal for all the crafts you can print out and try. They really easily told you what you needed to do. The Pizza Menu was one of the easiest “non” Play Doh items to do. However, according to my kids, it was the funniest. The kids played with the menu long after we put the playdough away. The Play-Doh Play-Date site also tells you how to make many of the items on the menu. Will thought making food with play-doh was awesome. Mom (that's me) thought that this menu, waiter, playing restaurant idea was ingenious. As you can see from the last photo, he was ordering a cookie.

The other really cool from the play-doh site is that not only does it give you crafts, not only does it give you directions to make the food, it also gives you “real” food snacks to go with all of this. Lastly, best of all (in my opinion), is that all of this is free. Let me repeat that — free! You literally have hours of fun and great ideas to try with the kids (and take credit for too) for free.

If you have a play date at your home (aff) or jump bored kids, make sure you check out the Play-doh Play-Date site, and let their imaginations soar. You won't regret it.

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  1. Love the crafts, we did the pizza boxes, planning on have our gals do a few crafts on her next sleep over.. Thanks for sharing the giggles from the kids!

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